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Sunday, July 3rd, 2005
3:34 pm - on my way to AA
I bought a flask! Partially because it was cheap ($20!) and partially because every worldly woman should own a flask.

Actually, this is part of my plan to make myself less shy at social gatherings, as I can put scotch in it and since scotch is my happy drink I will be less shy! Now I only need to save up enough to get some decent scotch...

it holds 5oz, which doesn't sound like a lot but when you put it in terms of scotch it isn't so bad (a little less than half a can of pop). I may see if Erin can engrave on it for me, but I kind of feel bad for always getting her to engrave for me, plus I can't decide what to put on it. I either need to name it something pretentious or compose some sort of haiku to alcohol
(oh sweet ambrosia/room spinning, naked streaking/i'll drunk 'til i'm drink)

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12:50 am - awesome community ahoy!
I just found the_color_wheel, a community for people to post amusing sleep walking/talking stories. It's very amusing, so I thought I would share.

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Saturday, July 2nd, 2005
6:25 pm - for once things are eventful
Happy Canada Day! I know I'm a bit late, but somehow I haven't been home since Thursday... o.0

So, let's backtrack.

Thursday was my first of 4 days off in a row (woo!). After lazing around quite spectacularly, I went to visit my grandparents, as they now live in the same care home. Unfortunately, my grandma isn't doing to well again, but the nurse didn't make that very clear so by the time we got back upstairs (she was stupidly trying to help me move her wheelchair along *rolls eyes* she weighs all of 100 lbs, she's not exactly a burden) she was worn out. In the end they took her to the hospital to get IV antibiotics for a bladder infection, so hopefully that will help get her back on her feet a little. My grandpa was very confused and concerned, especially when I took him back to his room [that he doesn't remember at all]. The whole thing made me just about break down about ten times... I wish I could make everything better for them. Stupid old age.

That evening Will attempted to cheer me up by taking me out for Korean, but the stupid place was closed for no apparent reason! GRRR. So then we went on a Quest for food, but we suck and couldn't agree on anything. Eventually, after about an hour of walking around, we decided on the Cactus Club which I had previously been avoiding due to the fact that it appeared to be trying too hard and attracting a rather preppy crowd. However, I was pleasantly surprised by our meal.

I ordered a bellini, and it was Spectacular! I'm going to have to go back on a tuesday when they have bellini night and go to town *grins*. Our appetizer was breadsticks with yummy garlic salt (which i have adored ever since the garlic buns I had in Hong Kong) *droool*. I even was brave and ordered Ahi Tuna. It actually wasn't bad... even if I don't like fish. Will had me try the tuna steak he had at the Mint and it was OMG GOOD so I figured I would be okay. It was well presented as well as being decently tasting [for fish], although I would have much preferred the bed of mashed potatos in red curry sauce drizzled with wasabi oil that Will's halibut came on *DROOL*.

The crowd was actually far less stuck up than I imagined, in fact they were quite odd. There was the obligatory yatch-club/business BAs group sitting next to us, but there was also a hippy-lesbian couple, some single old guys, older couples and one really odd couple at the bar comprised of an overweight man in sports gear bragging about his "mansion" and in general talking non stop to his date, who was either a badly-matched blind date or an escort. We also were debating if the waitresses were going by pseudonyms or not as the two girls who served us were called "Candy" and "Jasmine" o.0

Anyhow, we also had to do some "emergency shopping" after dinner for sweaters at the Patch because the weather was quite a lot windier and we'd gone a lot further than we'd intented to due to the Korean place being inexplicably closed. We both got quite nice sweaters for our trouble, and my faith in the Patch was restored as there were no twinks working there this time.

Friday I woke up and realized that OH SHIT i was supposed to sign up for courses Thursday night but entirely forgot. Now I'm 14th on the waitlist for the class I really desperately want to take :( Hopefully I'll get in as I'm a major but I can't count on it, so I've signed up for a backup class just incase. *lesigh* I got everything else that I wanted, and actually I have a rather kickass schedule (if i get into the waitlisted class I only have classes on mon/wed/thurs!)

course descriptions and ramblingsCollapse )

Canada day was relatively uneventful. Slept in, went to Walmart (Will got a kickass vertical fan which he's extremely chuffed about and didn't stop talking about for the rest of the weekend) and then hung around, realized that Folkfest was stupidly expensive ($13 just to get in plus food which was really why we wanted to go...) but went down for the fireworks anyways. We had teh perfect spot (down below the Boom Boom Room) and they were quite lovely. Will bought me a flag at Walmart because he's a nice boyfriend, and then we had matching capes and I was happy to feel adorable and matching like King and Queen. It was cute. We had maple beer, which I actually quite like (it's called "Draught Dodger" which makes it doubly good).

Anyhow, tonight I must make muffins and prepare for camp on monday. Yikes!

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Tuesday, June 28th, 2005
3:09 pm - letter to my messy apartment: CLEAN YOURSELF DAMMIT
I have the day off, but I'm not letting myself watch any more Pretender episodes until my apartment is clean. I made Will watch an episode with my last night *wiggles*. He's such a good boyfriend, putting up with my eccentricities like he does. Am I a bad girlfriend for just plain not being interested in anything but pinball and air hockey? Meh.

My sink was not draining very well, so i decided to Do It Myself (tm) and take the plunger to it (is this setting off warning bells for anyone yet?). Now it won't drain at All and there's black mouldy goop and for some reason tons of pine needles floating in it. Will is going to bring by his 10 second plumber dohickey after he's done work, hopefully that will fix it. *sigh*

In other gross news, I had some sweet peas in a plastic bag that got forgotten on my bed while I was house sitting. They turned into brown gook and then stained my lovely 300 count sheets :( I think got the worst of it out between washing and scrubbing them by hand in the sink (before it got gross). I don't want to have to bleach them, and they're pretty pale not that the sheets are dry, but maybe if I pre-treat them before I wash them next time they'll fade even more? (yes, I know I should have pre-treated them the first time, i am stupid)

Camps starts on monday... and I only have one more shift before then (good, as that means I can get this place clean, get some rest and bake several dozen muffins; bad because I could have used to the moola, but then I'm really only losing one shift because it's Canada day and my weekend off).

I need an ironing board :/

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Thursday, June 23rd, 2005
8:40 pm - poetry
I apologize for the grainyness of the pictures, the sun's going down and the flash made them impossible to read

medium sized imagesCollapse )

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8:00 pm - *WHINE*
I phoned work, because I shipped my pretender movies there, and asked them if there was a package for me. They said yes, and I was jubilant! Pretender! For me! I even didn't mind so much when Will was too tired to watch them with me (although, somehow I think I need to share my excitement about them with someone, I may have called him to talk to him while I watched them or something just to be annoying and dorky *grins*)



It was movies, but it was movies for the store to put out on the shelf and rent. Which is cool, because i've been waiting for more... but I wanted the pretender dammit :(

Now I will have to clean my apartment.


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11:27 am - itchy feet

I am going to clean my apartment, and wait for my Pretender DVDs to arrive at the store because I am a big dork. I may go visit my grandma.

Also coming later: fridge poetry and (if i actually get things clean) picture of my apartment (finally)

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Tuesday, June 21st, 2005
9:50 pm - asshats and rainy weather
A woman was killed by a stupid driver this afternoon in victoria. The story is here. He came around the corner (likely too fast considering it rained for the first time in a while) swung out of control and crossed three lanes of traffic to end up on the sidewalk hitting people waiting for the bus. He injured three people and killed a mom waiting with her baby. Amazingly, the baby doesn't appear to be hurt (physically anyhow). I've heard some say he didn't seem to care when he got out of his car. The news reported that beer cans fell out of the car when he opened the door.

Note: the police haven't identified a suspect yet, the following is just me ranting about something i've meant to rant about for a while now...

Not that it's likely there's only one asshat in Victoria, but Will's best friend has a friend named Tyler that instantly came to mind when I heard about the story. He drove home from batman the other night drunk off his ASS from drinking throughout the movie. (Will and I declined to ride home with him o.0). This boy is perhapst the biggest asshat I have ever met. You know the type, pants belted so you can see his boxers, stupid visor thingy, "bling". He parked sideways across Two handicapped parking spaces when we stopped at the liquor store on the way to the movie. He just generally lives in a world where if he doesn't prove his badassedness constantly he loses (or something) when really all it does is make us think he's a bigger loser. I wanted to slap him. This is the same fucker who gave Will's friend E when he was too drunk on his birthday to know what he was swallowing (which is also stupid, but that's another rant).

I just don't understand where that kind of thing comes from in people. Our society is seriously fucked up.

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Monday, June 20th, 2005
10:52 pm - is tom still on retainer?
i think there's got to be some unwritten law that no matter which magnetic poetry set you have, the only poetry you can come up with sounds dirty.

"cat lovers" set indeed.

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7:57 pm - OMGKILT
My aunt and uncle paid me $150 for house sitting (sweet deal, I say, sweet deal!) so I went and put my order in for my kilt today! HURRAH! It ended up coming to $300 with tax, but I'm strangely okay with that. The guy was so incredibly friendly, and he's really very Serious about the whole thing. My finished project is going to be a khaki poly-cotton kilt with two inch pleats, two side pockets, two back pockets, a silver logo and silver celtic cross buttons. Mmm, it's going to be so cute! Will predicted that I'm going to wear it to Death and he's absolutely right.

I'm okay with paying that much because of the amount of work that he's putting into it. Plus, it's completely custom tailored and his workmanship is stunning. He showed me one of the utilikilts (which they're somewhat modeled after) and it doesn't even begin to compare to what I'm going to get, and it costs more by the time you factor in exchange/shipping/import taxes etc. They mass produce those suckers, which means that the stitching and detail is no where near as nice as the ones he makes. Plus, theirs is made out of several pieces of fabric where as mine will be all one piece. He's also perfectly willing to fix anything I'm not happy with and such, although he was pretty Serious about them so I'm not anticipating any problems :).

Sadly, they've been so popular (and he was away for a week I think) that it may take a while to get it done *sad face*. He had at least ten of them waiting to be completed ahead of mine, and he said each one takes 3-5 days to make, although he's hiring some help apparently so hopefully he'll have it for me within a month or so. *IMPATIENT*

In other increeeeddiiibbblllyyy dorky and spendy news, my Pretender DVDs shipped out of Ontario today *wiggle*

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Sunday, June 19th, 2005
10:29 am - some sort of update thingymabob
Almost done housesitting! Then, I might, you know, actually spend some time at my apartment! Woo!

I feel so sad... there's the nicest nicest old lady named Jean who comes into the store. She always chats and gives you things as is my absolute favourite customer EVER. But over the last little while I've suspected her of shoplifting... and friday uncommoncold were pretty sure she did. It's so hard because she's got some form of dementia for sure and so how much of it is "I put something in my pocket and forgot it was there" and how much of it is that she's doing it on purpose is hard to tell. I told Carmen, one of my bosses. We counted one of the things we think she's stealing, and when Will went back later, there were two missing (she'd been in twice, but no one remembered her buying anything). *sigh* This will be a tough one. Especially because she pretty much only shops at our store [she doesn't have a car anymore, likely due to her dementia], so if we tell her she can't come back she may have trouble getting food and such. We'll just have to see, I guess.

In dorky news: my alarm clock beeps EXACTLY the same as the batphone in the old batman.

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Thursday, June 16th, 2005
5:39 pm - OMG

*dies of happiness*

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Saturday, June 11th, 2005
8:02 am - there's nothing like a cat walking on you to liven things up
Today is going to be a bad day for Will. The victoria office of his company is closing and he's been asked to be there to escort people to and from their desks to gather any personal items. He's pretty good friends with these people and feels really shitty about the whole thing (he was going to buy some of the girls flowers... i pointed out that in a work setting that may not be appropriate, especially with the president of the company there; it may have been fine, but... it also might have been bad). We've known this was coming for a while now but somehow the fact that he still has his job is bittersweet today.

I don't think i've ever written here about just how GOOD my boyfriend is. Honestly, I'm not just saying that. I don't think he's ever yelled at me, he's only grumpy peripherally and is good about not aiming his anger in my direction. He's never [to my knowledge] lied to me or gone behind my back. He thinks of other people, he's honest about his opinion, he doesn't mind if I challenge him on things because he does the same back. I think this makes all of this lying/hiding/etc very hard for him and I know he's going to be a sad boy this evening. I wish there was something I could do (aside from bitchslapping his company, the fuckers).

In other news, the latest story arc at liliane bi-dyke is really awesome and everyone should read it. She's really good at pointing out inconsistencies in conservative thought.

I saw Kinsey, it's an excellent movie. I'm going to have to see if they're still printing his original studies because they sound interesting.

The cat keeps nipping me this moring. I think he's hungry. I should probably get on that...

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Wednesday, June 8th, 2005
10:54 pm - Answering questions the first
cut-my-own-throat-phonemokney: er, no thanks, i just ate.

dr. fish: well, there have only been two... and they'd be tough to rank order [though, the one you're familiar with is excellently suited to my personal deviances where as the other less adventurous but better for my overall health. so far as enjoyment and talent goes it's pretty damn equal]. as for the second part of the question, it encompasses both my need to push the envelope and my penchant for un-egalitarian encounters.

naughty frogs: first, try duct tape. if that doesn't work, boil some water and dab some on the item in question and wait for it to freeze to the snow.

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12:11 pm - because I am a sheeple
I'm curious to see what kind of questions this might bring me so...

Ask me anything and I'll give you the best answer I can. All comments will be screened.

it's going to take me a while to answer, I'm working late tonight.

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Monday, June 6th, 2005
12:15 am - (brackets)
Perhaps this stint of house sitting won't be so bad! Living in a place bigger than a shoe box feels quite nice, actually. Having it all to myself es even nicer :) Also, my laptop is in my uncle's office with one of those adjustable chairs. He's a fair bit taller than me, so in order to read the desk comfortably, I had to adjust it so my feet can't touch the floor. This is oddly comfortable. Also: they have a hammock (although I learned my lesson about hammock sex already) and a fun attic (i have not, however, learned my lesson about attic sex. yet. [and Will said Christian people have boring houses... pffft!])

Tonight we went to dinner at Will's moms. It wasn't so bad this time, she didn't give me any chats or lectures or anything. They even made me a steak (because they knew I hate fish and they were having salmon). We had ice wine, actually, and that was lovely. Her boyfriend gave her a ring (we were worried Will was going to have a [rich] step dad for a while, but it was a non-engagement ring, though she was wearing it on that finger) so she was showing it off all night. It was large and somewhat tacky (blue stone set in gold) but it suited her, which should tell you a lot about her sense of style (she made me go outside and chat with her while she had a cigarette. I was having trouble concentrating on her chatting because I was too busy being blinded by the glare off of her face from her neon green tshirt o.0). It was actually a pretty good night overall, considering the last time I saw her, and dinner was quite yummy so I'll count myself lucky this time.

Will went fishing yesterday and got TERRIBLY sunburnt (I'm a good girlfriend. i only said 'i told you so' once). It's worst on his legs/knees, so he's not having too much fun :/. I think I will buy him sunblock when I got to get some for camp this year. Silly boy *shakes head*

i've been having even more crazy dreams, often involving brunchers...Collapse )

Take that, Freud!

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Thursday, June 2nd, 2005
9:27 pm - it's a very little wonder...
My first day off in a week *stretch* I got a few things achieved. I did laundry and went to talk to my prof about a bad grade I wasn't sure how i'd gotten. Sadly, I deserved it. Ah well.

I went spinning with my granny and her friends, which was fun. It's always interesting to observe their group dynamic, especially when they're planning things. It's just so laid back and mutual, it's great. Next week they're going to go spinning in the park and have cucumber sandwiches (with the crusts off -- I told them your tidbit, Fidh, but they insisted on crust off). Sadly, I think I'm working because I do like spinning with them. I finally got all my blue wool done and I think I might finish off my arm warmers this evening. Next I'm going to spin up some stuff for a knitting bag and then felt it. I want to get a trunk at the thrift shop to house my growing collection of knitting/spinning paraphenalia. I think I'm going to bring my wheel here this summer while she's away as well. yay! Craftiness!

Will keeps trying to convince me I should start up an ipod case making business with my wool and such, but I'm far too sporadic in my knittingness to actually produce things for people. Maybe though, they don't take me very long to do and I imagine the piratey ones would be quite popular. Still, I like doing things on my own schedule, without pressure and whatnot so I don't think I shall.

She also gave me curtains! That will block out the morning light! Yay! I have to get the rod properly fastened and some curtain rings to put it up with, but they actually match my room rather well. They're a creamy-goldish colour with vertical deep red embroidery. Apparently they belonged to my great-grandmother but after a wash they look like new. They sound kind of tacky, but they're quite posh, actually!

ALSO: roasted bell pepper and lime chips = GOOD

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10:41 am - creepy!
There's this creepy guy with two lazy eyes who always comes into the store. Initially he flirted with me, then he gave Alison his number and I'm sure he's flirted with Tammy also. ANYHOW, he's sitting outside my house right now o.0 I saw him when I went to get change for laundry. OMG CREEPY!! Especially because he touched my boob the other day [theoretically by accident...] when helping me double bag his stuff. *twitch*

Theoretically he's waiting for the bus, as there is a bus stop right outside my door, but still. GAH!

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Tuesday, May 31st, 2005
9:59 pm - money matters
I've really done nothing interesting of late... work, sleep, rinse repeat. The hot weather finally broke last night and has been replaced with per normal rain with periodic sun and normal temperatures. Ho hum.

I start house sitting this weekend at my aunt and uncle's house. They don't live too far from here, but I'm going to have to start biking to work *sadface*. House sitting without a car is NO FUN. They have TV though, I may end up being corrupted by that. Two weeks of utter bordem, here I come :/ I'm hoping I'm not horribly allergic to their cat or it may be teh suck. I'm not even sure if they're going to pay me or not and it's not really polite to ask considering they've put me up a few times when I was fighting with my parents. I kind of feel like since I'm paying rent, it's a waste of money not to be here at least most of the time, but they couldn't find anyone else So *shrug*.

I finally got my tax return back... which is nice as even after I pay this months rent and my credit card bill (which is hopefully not too ginourmous *sighs*), I'll be on my way to having next month's rent already... especially considering how many shifts i've worked this week! By thursday I'll have worked 7 days straight, but I have thursday and the weekend off, so that's not so, so bad. Plus I have a week of awayness to make up for!

I'm rather grumpy at my bank for holding my paycheque for a whole WEEK because I put it in the bank machine instead of giving it to a teller. I went yesterday and got them to stop doing that, however, but I still think it's STUPID of them to do it in the first place. I fail to see the logic whatsoever. Anyhow, it's gone through now in time for rent and bill payage, all is well.


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Thursday, May 26th, 2005
3:41 pm - messing etc
So... my trip!

Holy cow, what a plethora of cool people. The weekend was like a non-stop party train. I was quite overwhealmed with all the people (though I did better in small groups) and spent most of the time observing/lurking, but none the less had a wonderful, wonderful time.

Most of it is just a blur of silliness, food and [watching other people] drinking. The hotel that most people stayed at was gorgeous, including a pool and just generally beautiful grounds. I also got to see brits who I haven't seen since I was in the UK, which was fantastic.

I stayed with cdbaker, and I think I forgot to properly thank her for her lovely hospitality, so I shall do that now. She was truly the hostess with the mostess, and I couldn't have gone without her so I really appreciate it.

Texas was much more of a culture shock for me than the UK was. I spent the whole week in sociologist mode, comparing and contrasting cultures (note: sorry to anyone who this annoyed the fuck out of, I can't help it). I loved the weather. Thankfully it's just as nice here now that I'm back, so I wasn't returning to gross rain and wind like it was while I was gone apparently.

I visited the Texas State museum and learned more than I ever wanted to know about how Texas came to be. We did Kareoke [or however you spell it], and I actually sang which was quite remarkable and a testament to how much I trust the brunchers. Other than that we mostly lounged around the pool at the hotel or hung around Christine's house. I also saw a firefly! That was very exciting! And had mountain dew with caffiene! Funnily enough, I got back to discover that while I was gone, pepsi canada released a "mountain dew energy" drink which is exactly the same as mountain dew in the states. Very amusing! I was all excited and made anson go and get me some for nothing... oh well.

I don't really know what else to stay... I don't want to stoop to anecdotal reiteration, as many of you were there and/or have read a lot of it on brunchma. In any case, there's pictures here if people are interested.

Now I'm back to the slog of work (every day until next thursday *sigh*) which isn't so bad but my body is still adjusting to normal sleeping patterns/time changes so I'm quite tired.

Steph leaves for europe in a few days *shakes fist* Must...travel...more...

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