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Tomorrow if my first official weekday without full time work. YAY! I'm going to take my brother to school and show him around. This planny time of year makes me happy :) *wiggle, dance*

Tonight I took Will's mom my old camera. She kept asking "what kind of film do I get for it?" but in the end she figured it out, and even used it all on her own to take some photos of us. iPhoto is such an easy to use program, I'm sure she'll have no problem. We told her to take lots of photos and email them to us, so that should be fun.

I'm still trying to figure out how to use my new camera... I don't seem to be having much luck :( My other one was much better in bad lighting situations, where as this one just balks. I tried to take pictures of my haircut but every photo either made me look like a deer caught in the headlights or like I had giant scary killer chins [or both. DEER WITH KILLER CHINS AHHHH]. Pah! PAH I SAY.

I think I'm going to have to buy a new button maker, as I can't seem to find replacement buttons for my old one, which is LAME LAME LAME because now it's basically an expensive piece of junk. For $100 I can get a new button maker and 250 buttons shipped here [stupid shipping! if I buy 500 buttons it will cost me more than $50 to ship it. plus do I Really need that many?], so I may do that before christmas and make buttons for everyone for presents because I did enjoy that and people like personalized things. It would be nice to get, though, and possibly with a few more buttons so that I could make some and possibly make a deal with someone selling stuff at school to sell them at one of their booths? If I do something like that I could justify the cost :D I think they would sell rather well, especially if I came up with some snazzy buttons and tooks suggestions for new ones.

Would it be fair to say "I'm having a button making party... you can come and make as many buttons as you want to if you chip in $5 to help me get the buttons/button maker HERE"? I want to share the button love, but shipping nine pounds of stuff via UPS is so freaking expensive... Like uncommoncold was saying the other day, it would be great to have money so I could be more generous. I'd love to take Will out to dinner like he takes me out, even just once in a while. I try hard, and for the most part I think I do okay, but money is going to be super tight this year. Whether or not I move in with Will, I'm going to need a roomate next year I think...

anyhow, it's time to stay up stupidly late playing puzzle pirates again...
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