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Camp is DONE! Woo! I'm going to be so happy to get out of my 'uniform' and be able to wear skirts, jeans and not be constantly covered in sunscreen, chlorine and sweat. I get to use a big purse again, and I can swear. I'm also really, really looking forward to using a dayplanner again. Not having one for this next week is going to drive me a bit bonkers, I hope that they have next years ones ready when I go up to UVic.

It was a good summer, though, and I half can't believe it's over already. I took Shelagh (my coworker) and Amie (one of the support workers for a kid) out to dinner with the rest of the DVD money [even though i'm super broke until tuesday, but they put an effort into the dvds and I felt bad not sharing the money with them at least a bit] They're all burned, though and they didn't take very long because Will's burner is superduperfast! I'm very happy with them, so I hope parents are too.

My mom's back home from the hospital and the puppies are doing fine. I got an email from my grandparents, who are travelling in Europe right now saying they haven't been affected by the flooding, so that's good news.

I guess now I'm just gearing up for school and working my ass off this week to pay for stupid textbooks. I need to clean my apartment. So badly. I want to play with my new camera. I have the long weekend before school starts off, so I'm hoping to go camping, but if not just Take A Break.

Mmmmm break :)
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