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this weekend is Will's (kind of ex-girl) friend's wedding. She's from the states, as is her HTB, but they're sort of eloping and Sandy used to live here for ages with her ex and has many good friends here so...

Last night was the pre-wedding party (i will consume soooo much alchol this weekend :() and I must say, it was one of the better parties I've attended, comfort-level wise. Everyone was very laid back (and much older than me by far). Sandy and her friend Melody used to play Celtic music together, so they and another friend played guitar and sang for several hours which made me very happy as I love that sound. Met her fiancee, who reminds me in a weird way of Ernst (looked like Jesus with the hair 'n beard, nerdy and kind of awkward, critical of society etc). Met her friend Elizabeth's boyfriend, Craig, who is from fucking Aylesbury (nearest town to where I lived in England) and who looks and sounds like my friend Craig from there, which amused me.

Yesterday at camp was awful, though. One of the boys this week, who had been at camp last year, has behavioural issues but really enjoys archery, so his parents send him to try to get him to learn signing and interact with other kids etc. Anyhow, he was really good all week, but this morning he REFUSED to come into camp because he didn't want to participate in the afternoon activity because he thought it would be "boring." Anyhow, his mom said he could either stay at camp and participate all day, or come home and help her out with chores, his choice. He refused to do either, and she just walked out and left him. He then refused to get on the bus to go to Archery, so Shelagh stayed with him and I took the remaining kids on my own (which was fine as the rest of them are a good group). When she finally got ahold of his mom, she got mad at us for wanting him to go home, as we couldn't really work our whole day around his tantrums, plus it's not really good to leave the kids with only one counselor [especially because I couldn't sign to the deaf girl and drive at the same time!]. Apparently she told Shelagh "I don't care what you do with him, I don't want him here... you can lock him in a closet for all I care." The whole situation makes me sad... the family is so frustrated. They're homeschooling him next year with his brother, which I worry about because his family isn't exactly 'mainstream', and without access to other kids for socialization it's going to be more difficult for him to join back in once he does learn how to control his emotions. Oh well. Maybe they'll luck out?

Anyhow, that made Shelagh and I stressed the rest of the day, and it was friday so the kids were zooier than usual. So. Tired. Plus, Shelagh got an allergic reaction from sunscreen so she was supposed to 'stay out of the sun' so her face was quite sore by the end of the day.

My mom's in the hospital with pneumonia. I keep forgetting to write about it. She's been sick with so many things so many times I feel like I've lost my ability to be empathetic towards her. I will have to try and go and see her. When, I don't know. Anyhow.
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