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I went to my parents for dinner. As I imagined they drove me a bit nuts. My mother had nothing to say that wasn't whining about how sick she is. She was in the hospital for a bit last week due to some complications with her medications, but she's doing much better now. Still, it made me want to shout at her. My brother bought himself an imac, so he wasn't around much as it had only arrived today, and my dad spent most of the time on the phone with assorted people. The only valuable thing I learned was that one of my dad's friends who I've known forever passed away last week. However, my mothers tactlessness extended even to describe what she didn't like about him when I expressed my remorse. *shakes head*

Other than that, canoeing week marked my more than half way point through camp. I'm a little stressed this week as one of the kids behaviour is getting more and more aggressive and disruptive. She's a smart, capable little girl, but she's also quite a tomboy and when she gets tired I think she gets a bit smacky and in everyone elses face. Trouble is, she's been like this since the start of camp, and it's just getting worse... and she's in every single camp. Anyhow, Shelagh was going to call her parents this weekend, maybe there's something else going on we don't know about.

I wish i didn't have to work in 15 minutes. Stupid saturday.

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