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childhood regression

well my back is better, but then I went and tripped at the beach and skinned my knee quite spectacularly. I also have scratches on my arms from frantically searching my apartment for things (i need to clean Drastically). I'm really not doing very well so far this month!

I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tonight, and it was Ace! I also finished HP and it was quite good as well. That's all I'm going to say for fear of people stomping on me for spoiling it for them.

Luminara is this weekend, as well as uncommoncold's birthday. I have to make some sort of lamp, but as I am lazy it just may end up being a jar with tissue paper and felt pens. I kind of wanted to make some sort of crown thing, but I'm afraid of having fire near my head. We'll see. If i can find a decent lampshade at the thrift store, i might be able to rig something up.

I'm stupidly tired now, and I really should make my lunch for tomorrow. I wish Will was here to snuggle me, but he had to go. It seems like a lot more lately I've wished we actually lived together so seeing each other wouldn't be so much of a coordinated event [not that it's a bother, but sometimes I just want to not have to plan when I'll see him]. Plus, more snuggles for me! I feel, however, that saying that I would like to live with him "sometime in the next one or two years" is kind of a pointless conversation to have, so it hasn't happened yet. Also, I fear rejection. Hmph.
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