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Well, I'm virtually over my cold. Unforuntantely, while coughing up a lung, I somehow managed to pull both side of my lower back. yes, I am a STAR! Oh the pain, the agony, etc. I took a trip to walmart in my pain, however, and got an ice pack, some ex strength advil, some wool and a strainer. The first two should be obvious. The strainer is going to have to wait until the next time I'm making pasta, but won't make me cringe like the stained plastic mesh one inherited from my grandmother that's probably 40 years old or so. The wool is to make uncommoncold arm warmers. Oh so pretty! Yay! Plus something to do during my vertical love affair with an icepack.

Speaking of my grandmother, she's in the hospital again :( They don't know why she's still not doing well so they want to do more tests. To quote my mother, "i just hope she doesn't kick the bucket while we're on the boat, that would be most inconvenient." Oh, my mom! She's the tact poster girl, I tell ya.

Speaking of uncommoncold, she has found us an employee at the store! yay! Also a lj person! yay! I will report more after I have met her tomorrow but I'm assured she is very nice.

I'm sure there was other news but I can't remember what it is. Will bought a new vacuum and has discovered the true colour of his carpet is actually several shades lighter than he'd come to believe it was.

I want to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and get the new Harry Potter but I think I will have to wait on them both, as I'm either going to spend Sunday continuing my frigid affair or making nice with Will's mom (am I a bad person for praying for the former?)

Also, I think I'm becoming the apartment building's resident floozy... it took me months to get proper curtains, I have a tendency to dry my bras where you can see them when the curtains are open, I accidentally left what are my blackest, skimpiest pair of undies in the laundry room and today I went to said laundry room without a bra. Somehow, this amuses me, but it makes me worry about actually going through with my idea of buying giant lobster/cow/homer slippers for my neighbour upstairs to wear when he gets up stupidly early and feels the need to stomp above my head. We'll see.
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