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i think i coughed up my pleura

I'm still sick, but due to some MAGIC tea (no seriously, I was coughing and snotting and just generally feeling congested last night and Will made me some Jasmine tea and it ALL WENT AWAY o.0) I am much better! I am going to take some tylenol night time cold medicine before bed and hopefully I will be good for both works tomorrow. Yick.

Well, my co-worker jesse got fired last night. I felt bad for my boss for having to do it, and bad for him because he's going to be oh so broke, but the dude was kind of hopeless. He couldn't sythesize a solution to save his soul (for example rather than looking at how everyone else was doing the entries for the video binder he filled it in repeatedly wrongly) and he was Teh Slowest at everything else (last night, and I'm not being hyperbolic here, he literally took HALF AN HOUR to get juices out of the back room to fill one cooler, a job that should take ten minutes TOPS). He was pretty good with customers but yeah, no. Consequently we are staffless again but IT ISN'T MY PROBLEM THIS TIME *MWAHAHAHAHA*. However if we dont' get more staff before september I may kill someone, possibly myself. I need good grades this year! I must get into grad school! It sounds like my other co-worker who was supposed to be moving to Ontario with her boyfriend likely isn't going to now, or at least I hope she doesn't as he's now apparently all "I think you should move to be with me but that we should live apart" and spent his birthday with his ex-wife instead of with her. (BAD NEWS! DON'T DO IT! BAH!) In many ways this will be a good thing, as it means we likely won't be losing her, but OTOH she may quit anyhow because right now she's working two jobs which she doesn't really need to do if she's not leaving and the other one is more hours with considerably better pay. We'll see. She's ever so slightly irritating, but I don't ever really work with her so it's all good!

Speaking of school and classes... the class I'm 14th on the waitlist for now has a waitlist of more than double that. I am writing a letter to the dean to ask him to please consider this and possible fix it because he is a smart dean and such, except that it looks more like this: Dear Dr. Rippin,

I am writing to you in regards to Professor J.B. Noble's Women's Studies class "Discerning Masculinities." As I'm sure you are well aware, this course represents an extremely important emphasis of gender studies that our Women's Studies department has previously been lacking. This, in combination with how fast word of Professor Noble's academic excellence has spread in only one year at our University, has made this such a popular class that the wait list is already nearly 30 people for a designated class size of only 38 people. As a Women's Studies major I would greatly appreciate your consideration regarding finding a solution to accommodate the students who will otherwise be turned away.

thank you for taking time to consider this request

Anyhow, perhaps that will help. I hope so! Another section or a bigger class size would be great... *HOPEFUL EYES* But yeah, if you guys can see anyway to improve that or if i've made any stupid errors please let me know before I send it! Also: Curtis you should send a similar one talking about how important you think it is that Women's Studies take a more gender studies approach and such! We shall petition, it will be grand!

I felt terrible today :( I had a scared email from uncommoncold asking me to get Will to fix her computer as it was broked. Sadly, it was much more hosed than it sounded like in her email and she needs to replace her harddrive. Please everyone send her good computer mojo!

I bought more sock-dreams.com socks because I am a big spendy dork, but they had PIN STRIPED OMG *DROOL DROOL*! [i got the deep red and the lilac... soooo sexy!] And I also got blue harlequin ones too because they were cheap and fancy looking. All in all not a bad purchase *sigh*. When I peeked in the window of the kilt place today it looked like my kilt is going to be made SOON so really I need socks to go with it... </rationalization>. Will cannot mock me as he just spent $1000 on a new 30" TV and $100 on a cable to make it be all shiny with his DVD player.

Anyhow I should make my weeks worth of lunches and take my medicine and go to sleepy-by.
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