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Monday, August 29th, 2005
3:57 pm - GRRRR
I hate text books.

I cannot afford $300 worth of text books. I just CAN'T. And that's only this semester... I think I'm going to have to clear out my RESP savings, ask my grandparents for a loan for second semester and get a student loan for next year.

Lame. Ah well, at least it's only $4000 worth of debt?

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Sunday, August 28th, 2005
11:40 pm - a lot of give and take
Tomorrow if my first official weekday without full time work. YAY! I'm going to take my brother to school and show him around. This planny time of year makes me happy :) *wiggle, dance*

Tonight I took Will's mom my old camera. She kept asking "what kind of film do I get for it?" but in the end she figured it out, and even used it all on her own to take some photos of us. iPhoto is such an easy to use program, I'm sure she'll have no problem. We told her to take lots of photos and email them to us, so that should be fun.

I'm still trying to figure out how to use my new camera... I don't seem to be having much luck :( My other one was much better in bad lighting situations, where as this one just balks. I tried to take pictures of my haircut but every photo either made me look like a deer caught in the headlights or like I had giant scary killer chins [or both. DEER WITH KILLER CHINS AHHHH]. Pah! PAH I SAY.

I think I'm going to have to buy a new button maker, as I can't seem to find replacement buttons for my old one, which is LAME LAME LAME because now it's basically an expensive piece of junk. For $100 I can get a new button maker and 250 buttons shipped here [stupid shipping! if I buy 500 buttons it will cost me more than $50 to ship it. plus do I Really need that many?], so I may do that before christmas and make buttons for everyone for presents because I did enjoy that and people like personalized things. It would be nice to get, though, and possibly with a few more buttons so that I could make some and possibly make a deal with someone selling stuff at school to sell them at one of their booths? If I do something like that I could justify the cost :D I think they would sell rather well, especially if I came up with some snazzy buttons and tooks suggestions for new ones.

Would it be fair to say "I'm having a button making party... you can come and make as many buttons as you want to if you chip in $5 to help me get the buttons/button maker HERE"? I want to share the button love, but shipping nine pounds of stuff via UPS is so freaking expensive... Like uncommoncold was saying the other day, it would be great to have money so I could be more generous. I'd love to take Will out to dinner like he takes me out, even just once in a while. I try hard, and for the most part I think I do okay, but money is going to be super tight this year. Whether or not I move in with Will, I'm going to need a roomate next year I think...

anyhow, it's time to stay up stupidly late playing puzzle pirates again...

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Friday, August 26th, 2005
9:54 pm - freeeeedom
Camp is DONE! Woo! I'm going to be so happy to get out of my 'uniform' and be able to wear skirts, jeans and not be constantly covered in sunscreen, chlorine and sweat. I get to use a big purse again, and I can swear. I'm also really, really looking forward to using a dayplanner again. Not having one for this next week is going to drive me a bit bonkers, I hope that they have next years ones ready when I go up to UVic.

It was a good summer, though, and I half can't believe it's over already. I took Shelagh (my coworker) and Amie (one of the support workers for a kid) out to dinner with the rest of the DVD money [even though i'm super broke until tuesday, but they put an effort into the dvds and I felt bad not sharing the money with them at least a bit] They're all burned, though and they didn't take very long because Will's burner is superduperfast! I'm very happy with them, so I hope parents are too.

My mom's back home from the hospital and the puppies are doing fine. I got an email from my grandparents, who are travelling in Europe right now saying they haven't been affected by the flooding, so that's good news.

I guess now I'm just gearing up for school and working my ass off this week to pay for stupid textbooks. I need to clean my apartment. So badly. I want to play with my new camera. I have the long weekend before school starts off, so I'm hoping to go camping, but if not just Take A Break.

Mmmmm break :)

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Saturday, August 20th, 2005
10:53 am - wrapped up in song
this weekend is Will's (kind of ex-girl) friend's wedding. She's from the states, as is her HTB, but they're sort of eloping and Sandy used to live here for ages with her ex and has many good friends here so...

Last night was the pre-wedding party (i will consume soooo much alchol this weekend :() and I must say, it was one of the better parties I've attended, comfort-level wise. Everyone was very laid back (and much older than me by far). Sandy and her friend Melody used to play Celtic music together, so they and another friend played guitar and sang for several hours which made me very happy as I love that sound. Met her fiancee, who reminds me in a weird way of Ernst (looked like Jesus with the hair 'n beard, nerdy and kind of awkward, critical of society etc). Met her friend Elizabeth's boyfriend, Craig, who is from fucking Aylesbury (nearest town to where I lived in England) and who looks and sounds like my friend Craig from there, which amused me.

Yesterday at camp was awful, though. One of the boys this week, who had been at camp last year, has behavioural issues but really enjoys archery, so his parents send him to try to get him to learn signing and interact with other kids etc. Anyhow, he was really good all week, but this morning he REFUSED to come into camp because he didn't want to participate in the afternoon activity because he thought it would be "boring." Anyhow, his mom said he could either stay at camp and participate all day, or come home and help her out with chores, his choice. He refused to do either, and she just walked out and left him. He then refused to get on the bus to go to Archery, so Shelagh stayed with him and I took the remaining kids on my own (which was fine as the rest of them are a good group). When she finally got ahold of his mom, she got mad at us for wanting him to go home, as we couldn't really work our whole day around his tantrums, plus it's not really good to leave the kids with only one counselor [especially because I couldn't sign to the deaf girl and drive at the same time!]. Apparently she told Shelagh "I don't care what you do with him, I don't want him here... you can lock him in a closet for all I care." The whole situation makes me sad... the family is so frustrated. They're homeschooling him next year with his brother, which I worry about because his family isn't exactly 'mainstream', and without access to other kids for socialization it's going to be more difficult for him to join back in once he does learn how to control his emotions. Oh well. Maybe they'll luck out?

Anyhow, that made Shelagh and I stressed the rest of the day, and it was friday so the kids were zooier than usual. So. Tired. Plus, Shelagh got an allergic reaction from sunscreen so she was supposed to 'stay out of the sun' so her face was quite sore by the end of the day.

My mom's in the hospital with pneumonia. I keep forgetting to write about it. She's been sick with so many things so many times I feel like I've lost my ability to be empathetic towards her. I will have to try and go and see her. When, I don't know. Anyhow.

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Friday, August 19th, 2005
8:06 am - memememe
1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.
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Thursday, August 18th, 2005
11:05 pm - baby doggies

baby doggies
Originally uploaded by Aussia.
Elise had her puppies this morning! One boy, four girls... named Harry, Muggle, Molly, Tonks and Luna (are you sensing a theme?)

everyone say it together: awwwwwwww!

cute pictures!

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Tuesday, August 16th, 2005
1:11 am - dorkitude
I've spent the last two hours playing with the dvd for camp this year. I think it's going to be even better than last year, which makes me a happy camp leader.

For those of you not keeping track, basically we take pictures all camp and put them together and I use my shiny shiny mac to make a pretty dvd and burn it. This year the major bugs (shitty dvds and lack of parents picking them up once i'd made them and thus me not getting paid) have been worked out, and the program I use to make them has been upgraded so I can make it even shinier.

The coolest part, which is mostly what I've been doing tonight, is that Amy (one of the support workers for a down's syndrome girl who is at camp for a few weeks) lent me her camera to take a few 30 second clips of the kids during hip hop week. Using yet another shiny program (that imports FANTASTICALLY into the shiny dvd making program once finished) I spliced them together, added titles and FX to make it look like a music video, and put in the song they were dancing to. It looks wicked cool, and if I have the patience I may try to add ever more special effects to make it more like a music video, but we shall see.

Yes, I am a nerd. Playing with it (and having it be so simple and fun and OMG) makes me sad I told Will I didn't think he should buy a digital video camera, because then I could play with it. (Dating the boy with all the toys has perks, I must remember this *grins*). On the other hand, nothing interesting every happens to me and I'd be hard pressed to find something to take footage of and make pretty movies out of. "Cute boy codes" isn't exactly thrilling cinema, even with a killer soundtrack.

We are going to a pirate themed wedding of one of will's ex-girlfriend's this weekend. His other friends also got engaged and are getting married next summer. This, combined with numerous brunchers getting married, is only making me slightly yearny to be Settled and such. I think I'm far too much of a realist to go too far with my fantasies though [although I did decide that IF i get married, I will have my wedding pictures taken on a mini golf course. However this has far more to do with the imagery factor than with the 'omg want to get married' factor...]

Honestly, though, we have been together a year and a half as of today, and we finally had the "well, i'd like to move in with you sometime in the next coupld of years" chat (TM) a few days ago, which puts me just about exactly where I want to be right now, I think. Still, it's weird how everyone around you being in other stages of transition (both ahead and behind of where you are) makes you examine your own life.

Also: played poker yesterday. Almost won, but Will had 099325592823 chips and I had about 10 so I threw in the towel as everyone else was out and getting bored. Still, I made my enterance fee back and he won $60! Woo!

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Thursday, August 11th, 2005
8:04 am - dreams
i had a weiiiird dream this morning.

i had some accident or actually, i think my mother had tried to perform 'simple' surgery on me and botched it up, and I ended up having my organs hanging out of my body. I went to the hospital, but the line up was too long, so I ended up coming back home and waiting and then going back later. I was walking around with them in a bag, telling people "yeah, well my ORGANS are in this bag! Cool, huh?" Somehow, though, by the time I was actually in the hospital and having surgery performed on me, I had ceased to become myself and was Will instead, and the doctors were pushing in bits of my/his body and slicing me open. *shiver*


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Monday, August 8th, 2005
11:57 pm - photos and such
Will bought a new SHINY SHINY camera as he is in a spendy mood (also purchased this week: $2000 23" monitor and $500 worth of parts to make his computer able to run it at a decent speed) so he's going to give me his old one (this also very shiny although not as SHINY one) at the end of the summer, and I'm going to give his mom my old point-and-click one. SCORE ALL AROUND!

Anyhow, in honour of this I'm linking to my flickr account at the end of this entry, which has a cute peekture of my boyfriend and my new toy. Eventually there will also be peektures of my haircut, but I think those will be likely taken with Will's shiny new camera.



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Sunday, August 7th, 2005
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Saturday, August 6th, 2005
8:45 am - gah
I went to my parents for dinner. As I imagined they drove me a bit nuts. My mother had nothing to say that wasn't whining about how sick she is. She was in the hospital for a bit last week due to some complications with her medications, but she's doing much better now. Still, it made me want to shout at her. My brother bought himself an imac, so he wasn't around much as it had only arrived today, and my dad spent most of the time on the phone with assorted people. The only valuable thing I learned was that one of my dad's friends who I've known forever passed away last week. However, my mothers tactlessness extended even to describe what she didn't like about him when I expressed my remorse. *shakes head*

Other than that, canoeing week marked my more than half way point through camp. I'm a little stressed this week as one of the kids behaviour is getting more and more aggressive and disruptive. She's a smart, capable little girl, but she's also quite a tomboy and when she gets tired I think she gets a bit smacky and in everyone elses face. Trouble is, she's been like this since the start of camp, and it's just getting worse... and she's in every single camp. Anyhow, Shelagh was going to call her parents this weekend, maybe there's something else going on we don't know about.

I wish i didn't have to work in 15 minutes. Stupid saturday.

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Monday, August 1st, 2005
9:04 pm - campouts and fires
Mmmmm Camping!

Will and I went to the south western tip of the island to Sombrio Beach, which is a gorgeous rock/sand spot where you can camp pretty much directly on the beach, as well as have fires on the beach. We took my parents tent and such and a bunch of yummy food (too much for just overnight really) and ecaped. We also drove to botanical beach this morning, but the tide wasn't quite far enough out for the really neat tidepools, and we had to get back down island before it was dark (the roads are scary and twisty) so we couldn't stay long.

The highlight of the trip (aside from the gorgeous scenery) was the food. *drool* We roasted bratwurst over the fire and tin foil roasted potatoes and chicken with garlic. Will's pictures can be found here under "sombrio" [he also added the ability to click 'next' once you've clicked on the first one for your browsing ease!]

Now I am tired from driving for many hours with stiff shoulders due to a deflating air matress >.< At least there were no bear encounters.

I think we're going to go up again at the end of august instead of spending a fortune in vancouver. Three to four days up there would be absolute heaven... *sigh* I hope it works out.

Canoeing week starts tomorrow too, so more ocean for me :)

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Thursday, July 21st, 2005
12:04 am - auuugh
DAMMIT! I had such good intentions, and then, AND THEN... i discovered there's now puzzle pirates for mac.


However, I did accomplish something today: I made it up that big fuckoff hill this morning! *happydance* Unfortunately, coming HOME kicks my ass just as much, because although it's not a steep hill, it's gradual as all get out and just a long slog at the end of the day. I get a gold star and a P for perseverence today, though. Wheee!

Perhaps I will clean tomorrow.


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Wednesday, July 20th, 2005
6:37 pm - tales from tech support
I hate calling tech support! Every time I do, it's always some stupid thing. Today, the light on my modem was just saying "STANDBY". I called the dude and he was like "have you tried pressing the standby button on the top of your modem?" I didn't even know it was there and that's all I needed to do :( I R LAME. At least it wasn't my co-worker from Camp [shelagh]'s boyfriend who answered, as he works there. We were chatting today about funny tech support stories i have, and funny ones her boyfriend has and we both started telling a story about the same dude! He used to always call our house, and he's deaf and hungarian, and his wife is blind and hungarian. So frustrating!

My socks arrived at the store! Unfortunately, when I went to check on them after camp, Tammy didn't know that they'd come. Oh well, there's no rush, I can pick them up tomorrow on the way to work.

I need to clean my apartment so badly, but i'm soooo lazy and sleepy today. I'm tempted to go get subway (two for one cupons rock, and then I don't have to make lunch tomorrow!) and get down to it though, because otherwise I'm not going to be able to walk to the bathroom at night without killing myself.

On another note: if anyone ever runs across Yeo's brand of "Winter Melon Tea", for the love of Pete try some, it's DELICIOUS (victorianites: fisgard market has some in their coolers in chinatown).

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Tuesday, July 19th, 2005
11:24 pm - childhood regression
well my back is better, but then I went and tripped at the beach and skinned my knee quite spectacularly. I also have scratches on my arms from frantically searching my apartment for things (i need to clean Drastically). I'm really not doing very well so far this month!

I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tonight, and it was Ace! I also finished HP and it was quite good as well. That's all I'm going to say for fear of people stomping on me for spoiling it for them.

Luminara is this weekend, as well as uncommoncold's birthday. I have to make some sort of lamp, but as I am lazy it just may end up being a jar with tissue paper and felt pens. I kind of wanted to make some sort of crown thing, but I'm afraid of having fire near my head. We'll see. If i can find a decent lampshade at the thrift store, i might be able to rig something up.

I'm stupidly tired now, and I really should make my lunch for tomorrow. I wish Will was here to snuggle me, but he had to go. It seems like a lot more lately I've wished we actually lived together so seeing each other wouldn't be so much of a coordinated event [not that it's a bother, but sometimes I just want to not have to plan when I'll see him]. Plus, more snuggles for me! I feel, however, that saying that I would like to live with him "sometime in the next one or two years" is kind of a pointless conversation to have, so it hasn't happened yet. Also, I fear rejection. Hmph.

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Sunday, July 17th, 2005
9:31 pm - HP and other assorted nerdity
Somehow working 8 1/2 hours on saturday has virtually cured my back. Hurrah! My pain imposed laziness has allowed me to both finish the second season of the gilmore girls on dvd and make it a good way through Harry Potter. It's good so far and I've managed not to read the spoilers on the board so I'm looking forward to a blissfully interesting ending.

I keep forgetting to post a tidbit of most amusing information... the last day of gymnastics week at camp, I was chatting with the instructor and asking him if he knew some people that I used to know who went to gym there, including Adam-that-I-love-for-three-years-in-jr-high. He was like "oh yeah, I remember Jesdeep, I used to coach her, and Adam's still here, he left probably an hour ago." I had seen his ex awhile ago at the store and she had told me he was in the Okanagan, but apparently he's back. Wacky! I don't know exactly what I would have said to him if I had seen him [though I imagine he still would have had the power to make my heart beat like mad, it seems to be hardwired] except to gloat about how happy I am. I think I probably would have been tempted to snub him if he suggested we hang out or something, but I'm not sure if I'm that mean or not.

Anyhow, I have fries ready in the oven and 250 pages of book to go before bed. Will and I have been together 1 year and 5 months... :)

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Friday, July 15th, 2005
11:24 pm - oh yeah baby
Well, I'm virtually over my cold. Unforuntantely, while coughing up a lung, I somehow managed to pull both side of my lower back. yes, I am a STAR! Oh the pain, the agony, etc. I took a trip to walmart in my pain, however, and got an ice pack, some ex strength advil, some wool and a strainer. The first two should be obvious. The strainer is going to have to wait until the next time I'm making pasta, but won't make me cringe like the stained plastic mesh one inherited from my grandmother that's probably 40 years old or so. The wool is to make uncommoncold arm warmers. Oh so pretty! Yay! Plus something to do during my vertical love affair with an icepack.

Speaking of my grandmother, she's in the hospital again :( They don't know why she's still not doing well so they want to do more tests. To quote my mother, "i just hope she doesn't kick the bucket while we're on the boat, that would be most inconvenient." Oh, my mom! She's the tact poster girl, I tell ya.

Speaking of uncommoncold, she has found us an employee at the store! yay! Also a lj person! yay! I will report more after I have met her tomorrow but I'm assured she is very nice.

I'm sure there was other news but I can't remember what it is. Will bought a new vacuum and has discovered the true colour of his carpet is actually several shades lighter than he'd come to believe it was.

I want to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and get the new Harry Potter but I think I will have to wait on them both, as I'm either going to spend Sunday continuing my frigid affair or making nice with Will's mom (am I a bad person for praying for the former?)

Also, I think I'm becoming the apartment building's resident floozy... it took me months to get proper curtains, I have a tendency to dry my bras where you can see them when the curtains are open, I accidentally left what are my blackest, skimpiest pair of undies in the laundry room and today I went to said laundry room without a bra. Somehow, this amuses me, but it makes me worry about actually going through with my idea of buying giant lobster/cow/homer slippers for my neighbour upstairs to wear when he gets up stupidly early and feels the need to stomp above my head. We'll see.

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Sunday, July 10th, 2005
8:42 pm - i think i coughed up my pleura
I'm still sick, but due to some MAGIC tea (no seriously, I was coughing and snotting and just generally feeling congested last night and Will made me some Jasmine tea and it ALL WENT AWAY o.0) I am much better! I am going to take some tylenol night time cold medicine before bed and hopefully I will be good for both works tomorrow. Yick.

Well, my co-worker jesse got fired last night. I felt bad for my boss for having to do it, and bad for him because he's going to be oh so broke, but the dude was kind of hopeless. He couldn't sythesize a solution to save his soul (for example rather than looking at how everyone else was doing the entries for the video binder he filled it in repeatedly wrongly) and he was Teh Slowest at everything else (last night, and I'm not being hyperbolic here, he literally took HALF AN HOUR to get juices out of the back room to fill one cooler, a job that should take ten minutes TOPS). He was pretty good with customers but yeah, no. Consequently we are staffless again but IT ISN'T MY PROBLEM THIS TIME *MWAHAHAHAHA*. However if we dont' get more staff before september I may kill someone, possibly myself. I need good grades this year! I must get into grad school! It sounds like my other co-worker who was supposed to be moving to Ontario with her boyfriend likely isn't going to now, or at least I hope she doesn't as he's now apparently all "I think you should move to be with me but that we should live apart" and spent his birthday with his ex-wife instead of with her. (BAD NEWS! DON'T DO IT! BAH!) In many ways this will be a good thing, as it means we likely won't be losing her, but OTOH she may quit anyhow because right now she's working two jobs which she doesn't really need to do if she's not leaving and the other one is more hours with considerably better pay. We'll see. She's ever so slightly irritating, but I don't ever really work with her so it's all good!

Speaking of school and classes... the class I'm 14th on the waitlist for now has a waitlist of more than double that. I am writing a letter to the dean to ask him to please consider this and possible fix it because he is a smart dean and such, except that it looks more like this: proofread for me plz thxCollapse )

Anyhow, perhaps that will help. I hope so! Another section or a bigger class size would be great... *HOPEFUL EYES* But yeah, if you guys can see anyway to improve that or if i've made any stupid errors please let me know before I send it! Also: Curtis you should send a similar one talking about how important you think it is that Women's Studies take a more gender studies approach and such! We shall petition, it will be grand!

I felt terrible today :( I had a scared email from uncommoncold asking me to get Will to fix her computer as it was broked. Sadly, it was much more hosed than it sounded like in her email and she needs to replace her harddrive. Please everyone send her good computer mojo!

I bought more sock-dreams.com socks because I am a big spendy dork, but they had PIN STRIPED OMG *DROOL DROOL*! [i got the deep red and the lilac... soooo sexy!] And I also got blue harlequin ones too because they were cheap and fancy looking. All in all not a bad purchase *sigh*. When I peeked in the window of the kilt place today it looked like my kilt is going to be made SOON so really I need socks to go with it... </rationalization>. Will cannot mock me as he just spent $1000 on a new 30" TV and $100 on a cable to make it be all shiny with his DVD player.

Anyhow I should make my weeks worth of lunches and take my medicine and go to sleepy-by.

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Friday, July 8th, 2005
12:11 am - BLAH
Just exactly what I need right now: a nasty cold! THX BODY I <3 YOU TOO! *whimper* Also: my mailbox isn't fixed (even though he said he fixed it) and my toilet is leaking.

That being said I've barely been home. Tuesday night Will and I went out for Korean BBQ. MMMMMMMMMMMM. So Good! It was at a relatively new place not far from my house that only does the BBQ a few days a week, but for $15 an order it came with enough meat for two people (though it's minimum two orders, but that could easily be split over 4 people if you weren't too hungry). Mmmmm. Wednesday night we went to Crash, which was fucking Excellent, as well as some stupid adam sandler football prison movie that we only stayed for because it was included in our price of admission. It was lame and offensive and encapsulated everything that is wrong with our culture. Well, okay not everything but a lot of things.

I totally intended to come home early tonight, and relax and have a shower, but I somehow ended up at Will's, and we fell asleep about 5:30. And woke up at 10:30 o.0 This is due to sickness and was muchly needed, but still... I woke up about 8 and tried to wake him up so we wouldn't sleep all night, but he was like "I just need to finish this dream..." and then I fell back asleep too and that was that.

I feel like I should say something about the bombings, but I don't even know... it was a stressful way to wake up, that's for sure. It was stunningly lucky how few people died, actually.

Anyhow, I'm still tired so I think I should sleep now.

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Monday, July 4th, 2005
10:57 pm - soooo tired
I am so tired I hurt :( Whatever possessed me to somehow make mondays my weekday working at both camp and the store was some sort of major oversight, especially today.

I had lock issues today. I got to work and my bloody bike lock wouldn't unlock (but i can put it inside camp so it's no big deal, in fact I think i may take it back because it's making me grumpy). And now, after already getting my manager to fix my mailbox lock three times for not locking properly, it won't UNLOCK. I want my mail but I equally feel bad bothering him again. BAH.

Camp should be okay this year. They moved to the new building their premesis just built, and it's a lot nicer but we don't know where anything is and everything is a bit scattered because Shelagh (the supervisor/other counsellor) didn't do any of the prep work this year paperwork wise, so she has no idea what's going on either.

Most of the kids this week seem as good as gold. It's funny how well behaved children's parents are concerned about their behaviour, where as the bratty kids parents don't bother to ask. I'm not sure if it's a feature of the fact they know their children are horrid and don't want to hear it again, or if parents who care just bring up their children better. There's only one really bratty kid this week (well, there's Chris but he was in every camp last year and he's in every camp this year so I've learned to tolerate/tune him out. Actually he seems a little bit better this summer so far...) but she's a doozy! Hopefully she'll calm down when she figures out we're not going to let her get away with being a brat, but if not she's only here this week. I think she thinks I'm a meaniepants, which is true so far as misbehaviour goes. I felt like telling her "listen sweet heart, if you behave we'll get along just fine, if you're continue to behave like a stroppy madame, we're both going to have a really bad week."

There's a French Canadian woman who comes into the store with an adorable daughter named Angelique, and a couple (the guy who did my tattoo and his girlfriend) with an adorable daughter named Angelica. Both families are looking for a place to live right now, and I was trying to hook them up but so far I'm unsuccessful. I would totally live with the French Canadian woman and her daughter if I didn't have a 1 year lease, and she didn't live in Will's building. Plus I can see myself end up being a live in babysitter instead of a roomate just because I'm that way.

Anyhow enough rambling, OMFG I NEED SLEEP

Peter Penguin is:song for a winter's night:: exhausted

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