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tales from tech support

I hate calling tech support! Every time I do, it's always some stupid thing. Today, the light on my modem was just saying "STANDBY". I called the dude and he was like "have you tried pressing the standby button on the top of your modem?" I didn't even know it was there and that's all I needed to do :( I R LAME. At least it wasn't my co-worker from Camp [shelagh]'s boyfriend who answered, as he works there. We were chatting today about funny tech support stories i have, and funny ones her boyfriend has and we both started telling a story about the same dude! He used to always call our house, and he's deaf and hungarian, and his wife is blind and hungarian. So frustrating!

My socks arrived at the store! Unfortunately, when I went to check on them after camp, Tammy didn't know that they'd come. Oh well, there's no rush, I can pick them up tomorrow on the way to work.

I need to clean my apartment so badly, but i'm soooo lazy and sleepy today. I'm tempted to go get subway (two for one cupons rock, and then I don't have to make lunch tomorrow!) and get down to it though, because otherwise I'm not going to be able to walk to the bathroom at night without killing myself.

On another note: if anyone ever runs across Yeo's brand of "Winter Melon Tea", for the love of Pete try some, it's DELICIOUS (victorianites: fisgard market has some in their coolers in chinatown).
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