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Just exactly what I need right now: a nasty cold! THX BODY I <3 YOU TOO! *whimper* Also: my mailbox isn't fixed (even though he said he fixed it) and my toilet is leaking.

That being said I've barely been home. Tuesday night Will and I went out for Korean BBQ. MMMMMMMMMMMM. So Good! It was at a relatively new place not far from my house that only does the BBQ a few days a week, but for $15 an order it came with enough meat for two people (though it's minimum two orders, but that could easily be split over 4 people if you weren't too hungry). Mmmmm. Wednesday night we went to Crash, which was fucking Excellent, as well as some stupid adam sandler football prison movie that we only stayed for because it was included in our price of admission. It was lame and offensive and encapsulated everything that is wrong with our culture. Well, okay not everything but a lot of things.

I totally intended to come home early tonight, and relax and have a shower, but I somehow ended up at Will's, and we fell asleep about 5:30. And woke up at 10:30 o.0 This is due to sickness and was muchly needed, but still... I woke up about 8 and tried to wake him up so we wouldn't sleep all night, but he was like "I just need to finish this dream..." and then I fell back asleep too and that was that.

I feel like I should say something about the bombings, but I don't even know... it was a stressful way to wake up, that's for sure. It was stunningly lucky how few people died, actually.

Anyhow, I'm still tired so I think I should sleep now.
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